Terms of Use

These Terms are always valid in the current version and may be changed by the operator at any time.

I. Using picture material

Our here provided picture material can be used in the following way:

All users that sell our articles to retailers and consumers are authorized to make use of the here provided picture material for their sales transactions. These particularly are: 

  • Internal administrative processes
  • Advertisement for acquired articles

In no possible case is it permitted to forward the here provided picture material to a third person. In particular these are competitors in the area of shoe production and shoe sales.

It is a simple, non-transferable exploitation right that can be terminated by us at any time. With your approval to these terms of use, you accept our full ownership for this picture material. Changing the picture material is not permitted. We assume no responsibility for the freedom of the material rights of third parties. Conflicting rights of third parties are not known to us.

In case you should violate the use of our picture material, you are bound to pay us a contractual penalty, which will be determined adequately by us. Should this adequacy be debateable, we will make sure that it will be checked by the responsible court/county court Detmold. Further compensation demands will stay unaffected.

We furthermore want to point out that a violation of our picture material use also violates against the copyright law and is accusable.


The General Conditions of Sales and Delivery of shoe.com GmbH & Co. KG are valid.